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About WebWizards

WebWizards don't just wave a magic wand...
We do the work and we make success happen!

WebWizards is trading under Devine Enterprises Limited and is GST registered.

We are Google Partners

We are Trained Certified, Endorsed & Trusted by Google for Google AdWords & Google Analytics

Specialists in Google AdWords Search Advertising

Demonstrated increased product performance and expertise in basic and advanced search concepts, including best practices for creating, managing, measuring and optimising search ad campaigns across the search network.

Formerly known as Devine Websites

We changed our name from Devine Websites to WebWizards in February 2018

Smart Custom Successful Websites & Awesome Digital Marketing

Aspirations & Goals

Our aspirations and goals for WebWizards are primarily to provide excellent service, and to develop meaningful relationships with our clients so that we can understand and meet their needs. In short...

Providing service that adds value to your business.

Mission Statement

To operate WebWizards as a successful business providing cost efficient, effective & competitive internet based services for business owners.

To provide for the needs of WebWizards in ways that are sensitive to people, use resources wisely and are in harmony with the environment.

Vision Statement

WebWizards exists to make valued contributions to our clients businesses.

This will be achieved by attention to collaborative efforts and with confidence in providing services that exemplify the highest standards of quality, performance, and service.

Having professional staff with imagination, knowledge and people skills are paramount in a successful implementation of these goals.

We look forward to a future that includes:

  • a deep respect for our clients as individuals,
  • a dedication to affordable quality and service,
  • a commitment to community responsibility.

Why use WebWizards?

We’ve transformed businesses around the New Zealand (and the world) to be an online success.

Find out what we did to help these businesses accelerate growth and succeed with digital marketing.

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