Wickedly Indulgent Gifts Case Study

Find out what we did to help Wickedly Indulgent Gifts accelerate business growth and succeed with digital marketing.

The Client - Wickedly Indulgent Gifts

Since 2016 Wickedly Indulgent Gifts has been creating and delivering some of The Best Gift Boxes in New Zealand.

Wickedly Indulgent Gifts have designed their gift box hampers to suit your requirements, and to take your gift hamper to the next level, with Gluten Free and Dairy Free gift options and an Alcohol Liquor Licence for Wine, Beer and Spirit Gift Hampers.


Wickedly Indulgent Gifts has been a client of WebWizards since October 2019.

Wickedly Indulgent Gifts had an ecommerce store set up in Shopify and Google Ads campaigns running that were set up by a previous agency.

Despite paying two previous Google Ads Badged Parnter agencies quite hefty maintenance charges, the Google Ads performance was actually declining.

They were getting a few orders but were on the verge of going out of business.

Wickedly Indulgent Gifts did not initially have full access to all the Google properties associated with their business and there was no discussion on what either of the previous agencies were actually doing for maintenance or optimisation of the Google Ads account and no strategy discussed for improvement.

The installed Shopify theme was a premium paid theme, however when were were looking to upgrade the theme we found it was unlicensed and installed illegally (the initial design agency did own up and pay for the theme once notified).

The Shopify theme customisations done were not documented or commented in code (which made altering or updating the theme very difficult).

There were issues found in Google Merchant Center that the previous agency did not address and their Google Analytics account was set up for basic e-commerce tracking but no event tracking - so they could see how many people were visiting the website and but not how they were interacting with it.


– Attract new customers, improve website engagement and increase online orders.

Wickedly Indulgent Gifts wanted to attract more customers and get more visitors to its website through organic search results and via their Google Ads Search and Shopping advertising campaigns.

They also wanted to be able to track how people were interacting with the website and get more people interacting – ultimately to receive more online orders.


We wanted Wickedly Indulgent Gifts to be seen in search and shopping results at the right moment in time to reach new customers and drive orders.

Our main goal was to achieve better performance with organic search results as well as paid search and shopping results.

We wanted to make sure that every dollar being spent in Google Ads was being used in the most efficient way and that we showed up at the right time when people were looking for gift baskets and gift hampers.

We also wanted to show all products to the best audiences across the multiple sales channels available with Shopify.

To gauge our performance, we wanted to do the following:

  • Generate more traffic to the website
  • Automatically push products to all sales channels
  • Improve Organic Ranking and Page Loading Speeds
  • Track and Increase: Sales, Website Interaction & Social Media Interaction Rates
  • Increase Google Ads Traffic, but not the cost
WickedlyIndulgent SRP

Initial Strategies

Google Best Practice Account Set up and Linking, Google Tag Manager Tracking Upgrades, Shopify Store Best Practice Checks, Link and SEO Reports, Speed Audits and Upgrades for Speed and SEO to the Shopify Theme

We immediately implemented best practices for Account set up with Shopify and Google Ads, Google Merchant Center, Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Tag Manager etc.

We then implemented best practices for technical search engine optimisation (SEO) requirements and we identified and fixed broken or redirected links.

We also customised the Shopify theme to implement new custom functionality enable Wickedly Indulgent Gifts manage orders and help customers find the right gift basket easier and faster.

Finally, we trained the owners on using Shopify to its best potential and also in the basics of SEO - giving them practical advice and examples so they could add the SEO fundamental building blocks directly into Shopify themselves.

WickedlyIndulgent SRP


We saw an immediate small increase in traffic and sales and turned the business around to be profitable.

2020 Statistics
30 days to 20 August 2020 - compared to same period last year

Almost a year after we started working with Wickedly Indulgent and they are definitely not looking like they are about to go out of business!

Visitor Stats

  • 262.16% Increase In Total Website Visitors
    6,316 vs 1,744
  • 264.46% Increase in Paid Search Ads Visitors
    3,517 vs 965
  • 314.80% Increase In Organic Website Visitors
    2,522 vs 608
  • 211.35% Increase In Direct Website Visitors
    439 vs 141
  • 24.73% Decrease In Session Duration

  • 36.55% Decrease In Pages Per Session
    Visitors were finding what they wanted faster!

E-commerce Stats

  • 130.72% Increase in Overall Revenue
  • 281.37% Increase in Overall Google Ads Revenue
  • 216.88% Increase in Google Shopping Ads Revenue
  • 520.02% Increase in Overseas Revenue

  • 144.12% Increase in Total Transactions

  • 344% Increase in Google Ads Transactions

  • 72.10% Decrease in Cost per Click
  • 9.62% Increase in Total Google Ads Cost

Client Review August 2020

Scott has worked miracles for our business. He has made our Google ads profitable, optimised our website, and SEO. We sell more in a week now than we use to sell in a month with our old agencies.

He is a wealth of knowledge and has taught me so much that I can continue to apply to our business.

I truly wish we found Scott from the start and can't rate him high enough. I look forward to working with Scott for many more years, and learning so much more.

Rachel Hewson – Owner

2021 Statistics
30 days to 20 December 2021 (without Google Ads) - compared to same period last year (with Google Ads)

Two years after we started working with Wickedly Indulgent and they have had a record year and have now been able to pause their Google Ads campaigns during their busiest times, as their organic traffic far exceeds the previous years.

This year we have also implemented new automation functions to handle stock inventory management and re-ordering to save staff time.

Visitor Stats

  • 9.47% Increase In Total Website Visitors
    13,003 vs 11,878
  • 99.95% Decrease in Paid Search Ads Visitors
    2 vs 4,297
  • 67.84% Increase In Organic Website Visitors
    11,737 vs 6,993
  • 23.26% Increase In Direct Website Visitors
    975 vs 791

E-commerce Stats

  • 14.85% Increase in E-commerce Conversion Rate
  • 20.04% Increase in Total Transactions
  • 54.93% Increase in Organic Traffic Revenue
  • 25.83% Increase in Direct Traffic Revenue
    (Bookmarked or type website address = Repeat Customers)
  • 430% Increase in Referral Traffic Revenue (People Linking / Sharing)
  • $$$$ Significant advertising cost savings being able to pause Google Ads

Client Review January 2022
(Delivered with a beautiful & delicious selection of gluten free goodies!)

Scott - Happy New Year!!

Just wanted to say a HUUUGE Thank You for all your help and support last year. We are ever grateful for your wisdom and advice, and definitely wouldn't be where we are now without your expertise. The inventory system was definitely a highlight and we are excited to develop this further this year.

Hoping that 2022 is a good year for you.

Rachel & Lynette – Owners
Wickedly Indulgent Gifts

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