Hamilton NZ Website Development

WebWizards in Hamilton have been designing, developing, building and marketing websites since 2002.

What's involved in building a website?

What WebWizards do as part of designing & building a website

  • Create a standard template for the look and feel of the website (menus, colour schemes and fonts etc)
  • Create or obtain imagery needed to complement the website
  • Alter and optimise any images provided for web use
  • Layout each page as required with text / images and any other content
  • Optimise the whole site for best search engine ranking (SEO) and download speed
  • Provide simple standard legal disclaimers, privacy statements and copyright information needed for the site
  • Submit the domain to major national and international search engines and relevant internet directories
  • Set up a Google My Business profile
  • Set up Google website monitoring tools and statistics packages so you can monitor how your website performs:
  • We can also track just about anything on your website with our advanced website tracking options
  • Help you Advertise the website using:

What you will need to do

Provide branding and other content in the form of text / images product photos etc...
We can usually adapt most of the graphics from your existing branding if any.

We will need electronic copies of all your branding materials:

  • Logos
  • Artwork
  • Brand Guides
  • Company Profiles
  • etc

To generate website content we will also need electronic copies of:

  • Full Product & Service List
  • Product Photos and descriptions
  • Client Testimonials
  • Staff profiles, photos & any qualifications, affiliations
  • etc

If you have an existing domain and/or website:

We will more than likely need to move you to new web server and may need to move your to a new domain registrar.
If possible we would need FTP and Control Panel Access to your existing hosting service

To move an existing domain hosting/emails:

We will need a transfer code for the domain called:

  • UDAI for .nz domains
  • EPP Code for international domains

These transfer codes can also known as a "registry key" or "domain key" and your current registrar/ webhost will be able to provide these.

DNS Pointers

DNS pointers allow your domain to point to the correct services for email and website hosting etc.

If we take over the registration services for you - we will need a list of any existing DNS records that need to be maintained
e.g. MX records for Mail services, etc

Or we can liaise with you, or your IT people, to set up new DNS Records with your current domain registration service.


To help you market your website and measure results we will need:
A list of all your digital assets and access to some of these.

  • Social Media Account Links
    • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn - etc
  • Access to any Analytics and Tracking tools
    • Webmaster Tools (Bing and Google)
    • Google My Business Listing
    • etc

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