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We are Trained & Certified by Shopify for Shopify Store Setup & Customisation

WebWizards Shopify Services

Large or small changes and tweaks for your shopify store...

  • Best Practice Store Set-up
  • ECommerce Platfrom Migration to Shopify
  • Page Customisations
  • Shopify Apps Installation & Configuration
  • Menu & Navigation Set-up
  • Design changes to shopify themes
  • Custom Product fields
  • Fix responsive issues
  • Add custom functionality
  • Products & Collections
  • Google Shopping Integration
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Google Tag Manager Integration
  • Google Search Console Integration

What does it mean to be a Shopify Partner?

As a Shopify Partner it shows that Shopify trusts us & potential clients can too.

We have shown to Shopify that we have an advanced knowledge of and have been certified in Shopify.

We have also exhibited continued best practices and demonstrated that we are maximizing our clients' performance on their Shopify stores.

Being a Shopify Partner means we have a close relationship to Shopify and can bring our clients not only the best advice, but some of the latest information, tools and features which may not be available to everyone.

We also keep up with Shopify Partner Academy courses and maintain our Shopify Partner Certification Exams.

Our Shopify Partnership

We joined the Shopify Partner program in August 2018.

For us to achieving Shopify Partner status we needed to meet certain criteria set by Shopify,
This included:


We have advanced Shopify knowledge and prove this by maintaining multiple certifications.

  • Shopify Product Fundamentals
  • Shopify Business Fundamentals

Best Practices

We consistently maximize our clients' performance by implementing recommended best practices in their accounts.

We are always happy to help with an Shopify query.

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