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Website Optimisation Services

We make Websites Better, Faster and Easier to use.
We also make them get found more often on search engines which delivers more visitors that turn into customers!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Indexing Optimisation (including Micro-Formats & Semantic HTML), Web Performance Optimisation (Loading Speeds), User Experience Optimisation, and Conversion Rate Optimisation with on page Calls to Action - all these can help optimise your website and get you more traffic, visitor interaction and customers.

Combine these with Advanced Website Tracking & relevant Website KPI Goals and you can track your success...

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Web Performance Optimization

We can increase the performance of your website - optimising page loading speeds.

Page Speed is now a major Google ranking factor...
A faster website leads to a better user experience and page speed conversion rate research has proven that faster websites generate more conversions and repeat customers.

There are many case studies and experiments demonstrating the impact of web performance optimization on user experience and business metrics.

How fast is your website?

We can probably make it faster!
We do this by reducing file sizes - compressing images, minimising code files, reducing the amount of calls for resources etc etc...

Search Engine Optimisation

I will submit your website to relevant New Zealand and International directories and perform site wide SEO based on relevant keywords and phrases for your website.

This will get you listed on Google and other search engines and get better rankings.

I cannot guarantee you a first page results for all your keywords but I can guarantee you better results.

For Guaranteed first page listings I can help you with "Pay Per Click Advertising" schemes like Google AdWords - I am Google AdWords certified with specialization in Search Advertising.

Scott's a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, as proven in the performance of the sites he manages. His commitment to best practice ensures we derive maximum value from our sites. His collaborative and inclusive approach and passion for SEO means he is always willing to share his expertise with colleagues.

Natalie Ward, Marketing and Events Manager -
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Search Indexing Optimisation

Using meaningful link text, semantic HTML content and micro-formatting along with relevant site structures can greatly increase the ability for search engines to understand your content and therefore better index and list the pages of your website.

We set up XML site maps, robots meta tags / robots.txt files and use canonical links.

We also submit the site to the major search engines and directories as part of our Website Marketing Services.
To monitor and optimise the indexing and performance of your website we use Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

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