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Our Google Partnership

Our Director, Scott Devine, was one of the first to join the New Zealand Google Partner program launched in November 2013. Scott was also one of the first to join its predecessor Google Engage for Agencies in March 2011.

Google keeps us trained in their latest developments and best practices so we can deliver the best results for all our AdWords clients and help them with other Google services.

What does it mean to be a Google Partner?

As a Google Partner it shows that Google trusts us & potential clients can too.

We have shown to Google that we have an advanced knowledge of and have been certified in AdWords.

We have also exhibited continued best practices and demonstrated that we are maximizing our clients' performance on their AdWords accounts.

Being a Google Partner means we have a close relationship to Google and can bring our clients not only the best advice, but some of the latest information, tools and features which may not be available to everyone.

We also attend training events with Google employees and international experts flown in by Google.

AdWords Specialisations

AdWords Search Advertising

We have demonstrated increased product performance and expertise in basic and advanced search concepts, including best practices for creating, managing, measuring and optimising search ad campaigns across the search network.

With our certifications from Google we can help you with:

  • Advertising on Google
  • Advanced AdWords Support
  • Online Marketing Plans
  • Mobile Advertising campaigns
  • AdWords Shopping campaigns
  • Google Analytics Reporting
  • Campaign & channel attribution
  • Basic & Advanced Mobile Site Creation
  • Mobile Site Speed Optimisation
  • Mobile UX Design & Optimisation

Becoming a Google Partner

For us to achieving Google Partner status we needed to meet certain criteria set by Google,
This included:


We have advanced AdWords knowledge and prove this by maintaining multiple certifications in AdWords.

Best Practices

We consistently maximize our clients' performance by implementing recommended best practices in their accounts.


We successfully maintain a healthy investment activity across our clients' accounts (minimum requirement is 12 months).

It is also a Google compliance requirement that anyone providing AdWords services gives their clients access to monthly data on AdWords costs, clicks and impressions.

Read The Google Third Party Policy.

We are always happy to help with an AdWords query.

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