Gails Floral Studio Case Study

Find out what we did to help Gails Floral Studio accelerate business growth and succeed with digital marketing.

The Client - Gail's Floral Studio

Gail's Floral Studio opened in 1963 serving the greater Waikato region with flower design & delivery service.

As Hamilton's most experienced florists Gail's Floral Studio can deliver flowers and gifts to the ones you love in Hamilton, Waikato Wide and the rest of New Zealand and the world through Interflora with a guarantee quality and freshness.


Gail's Floral Studio was a client of WebWizards from June 2016 to June 2023.

Gail's previous website was not working particularly for her - despite paying over $10,000 to develop it.

The site was indexed by Google - however it initially had broken links and functionality issues. The website was not easily updated as it was on a proprietary SilverStripe system and the original developers had disappeared.

Even with specialist help from SilverStripe experts the site was not readily updated, it took a few tries from different developers (and more cost) to get e-commerce tracking working and the functionality issues sorted - however the site was still slow and was not able to be easily upgraded to secure HTTPS.

Gail's had Google Ads campaigns running that were set up by their old agency.

They were getting the agency's standard Google Ads reports but couldn't tell what people were searching for that triggered the ads and they couldn't see what visitors were doing once they landed on the website.

Despite paying the agency maintenance charges, the ads hadn't been updated to use the new better performing ad formats or extensions.

Gail's had access but there was no discussed on what the agency was doing for maintenance or optimisation of the Google Ads account and no strategy for improvement.

Google Analytics was set up for basic tracking only, not e-commerce or any event tracking - so they could see how many people were visiting the website and but not how they were interacting with it.

They were getting a few orders but couldn't tell where they came from - so their marketing spend was not optimised.


– Attract new customers, improve website engagement, make the site secure over HTTPS and improve loading speeds.

Gail's Floral Studio wanted to attract more customers and get more visitors to its website through organic search results and via their Google Ads search advertising campaigns.

They also wanted to be able to track how people were interacting with the website and get more people interacting – ultimately to receive more online orders and phone orders.


We wanted Gail's Floral Studio to be seen in search results and on social media at the right moment in time to reach new customers and drive orders.

Our main goal was to achieve better performance with organic and paid search results - as well as social media.

We wanted to make sure that every dollar we spent in Google Ads was being used in the most efficient way and that we showed up at the right time in search results when people were looking for flowers or gifts.

We also wanted to show all products to the best audiences across multiple sales channels.

To gauge our performance, we wanted to do the following:

  • Generate more traffic to the website
  • Automatically push products to all sales channels
  • Improve Organic Ranking and Page Loading Speeds
  • Track and Increase: Sales, Website Interaction & Social Media Interaction Rates
  • Increase Google Ads Traffic, but not the cost
Gails SRP


In mid November 2018 we migrated content from their old website to Shopify which allowed us to re-created a better, standards compliant, mobile friendly website at a very low upfront cost.

We integrated Shopify with social media sales channels using the free Shopify apps available.

We also set up and integrated HootSuite with Social Media to streamline and schedule social media posts.

We implemented best practices for search engine optimisation (SEO) - including redirecting old web page URL's to new web page URL's.

We were also able to very easily customise the Shopify theme to implement the custom functionality required to support Gail's requirements.

Finally, we trained their staff on using Shopify and also in the fundamentals of SEO - giving them practical advice and examples so they could load their new content directly into Shopify themselves.

Previous work

We had previously set up advanced interaction tracking using Google Tag Manager and relevant goals & KPI's in Google Analytics to track the success of the website.

We also claimed the website through Google Search Console, claimed and optimised their “Google My Business” listing and then interlinked all these so everything could be tracked and reported on.

We refined and optimised their Google Ads account to align with Google's best practices and used the new Google Ads features that were not enabled previously.

We performed keyword research and search trends analysis to pick terms and phrases that would send better qualified traffic to the website.

We also determined many search terms that could have triggered the ads where the intent of the searcher didn't align with our goals, these we added as negative keywords to prevent the ads showing unnecessarily.

Gails SRP

Results after Shopify migration

After the move to Shopify and the implementation of fundamental SEO principles - we saw an immediate rise in organic traffic and orders increased immediately as well.

By the end of November 2018 we saw the result below.

Statistics first 2 weeks after Shopify Migration

Visitor Stats

  • 28.15% Increase In Website Visitors

  • 40.46% Increase in Contact Events*
  • 25.87% Decrease in Bounce Rate

  • 78.77% Increase In Session Duration

  • 57.99% Increase in Pages/Session

E-commerce Stats

  • 1,232.79% Increase in Revenue
  • 187.5% Increase in Transactions

  • 363.58% Increase average order value

  • 124.34% Increase in E-commerce Conversion Rate

  • 940% Increase in Per Session Value

* Contact Events = are events able to be tracked through the website (e.g. click to call, click on email, form filled out etc).
We cannot track if a customer directly dials a phone number or types an email, so actual contact events are likely to be higher.

Google My Business Results from 1 August to 31 October 2018

  • 16,471 Total Impressions including:

    • 15,073 Impressions in Google Product and Service categories

    • 949 Direct viewings - by business name or address - in Google Search or Maps

    • 449 Branded listings - Customers searching for a brand related to your business

  • 667 Actions from Search & Maps results including:

    • 458 Website visits

    • 132 Requests for directions to the store

    • 77 Phone calls initiated

Gails SRP

Why choose WebWizards?

We are Badged & Certified Google Ads and Analytics Partners with 22+ years' experience with website development, website optimisation and digital marketing.

For Google Ads, we offer you:

  • Best Practice Account Setup and Maintenance
  • Regular Account Auditing
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  • No Fixed Contract – we won't lock you into a maintenance contract you don't need
  • Reporting on the actual search terms that trigger your ad

Unlike other agencies, we will give you access to your Google Ads account, which gives you the option to learn Google Ads basics:

  • Manage your own budgets,
  • Pause ads when you want and
  • See and understand exactly what we are doing for you.

Or we can manage the whole account on your behalf.

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