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We are Google Tag Manager specialists
Google Tag Manager linked with Google Analytics can track almost anything on your website

Track Almost Anything

By setting up some simple Macros, Rules and Tags in Google Tag Manager you can track just about anything you want on your site as an Event or Virtual Pageview by simply adding Custom Data Attributes to the on-page HTML elements, rather than adding additional Google Analytics tracking code to your website.

Benefits of Google Tag Manager

  • We keep all the tracking code in a single location, Google Tag Manager. Rather than have tracking code all over various pages and templates, now all the actual tracking is in one location.
  • Deploy tags from within the Google Tag Manager interface without touching site code
  • Safer tag deployment to avoid broken iFrames and other tagging challenges
  • Your analytics become fuller with more insight. No other method lets you as easily track external links, downloads, or events on your site. Documents which before were untracked, now can be quickly tracked with various specific dimensions for much greater insight.
  • Your site tracking becomes less prone to technical errors. Rather than 100 lines of tracking code all over the place, or even on specific links, now your actual tracking code is in one place and less likely to do something horrible like break your entire visitor session.
  • You can easily add additional tracking in the future. By following the rules below you can almost immediately and easily track anything on your website that is clicked.

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