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Find out what we did to help iPlumber accelerate business growth and succeed with digital marketing.

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The Client - iPlumber, Hamilton Plumbers and Gas Fitters

iPlumber offer a broad range of plumbing & gasfitting services and general plumbing and gasfitting maintenance. They specialize in renovations, alterations and hot water solutions.

With good communication, attention to detail, an understanding of urgency, and a fleet of fully stocked vans, iPlumber can meet your toughest, or most simple, plumbing and gasfitting requirements.


iPlumber has been a client of WebWizards since September 2012.

iPlumbers first website was not working for them at all – they had a very low response rate and had no statistics on how many visitors were interacting with the website.

We redesigned the website, set them up with Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track the website.

We have also set up advanced interaction tracking using Google Tag Manager and set up relevant goals and KPI's in Google Analytics to track the success of the website.

In February 2013, we started Google Ads to drive enquiries through their website and have never looked back.

In March 2017 we did a major upgrade to both the website and Google Ads.


iPlumber wanted to reach more customers, getting more visitors to its website through organic search results and via Google Ads search campaigns.

People are making decisions faster than ever before, and they expect to be able to act on those decisions instantly. They are searching at the exact moment they need something and are looking for companies that can meet their immediate needs.

We wanted iPlumber to be seen in search results at the right moment in time to reach new customers and retain existing ones.


Our main goal was to achieve better performance with both paid and organic search results.

With major changes in Google Ads this year we wanted to take advantage of new functionality and options to make sure that every dollar iPlumber spent in Google Ads was being used in the most efficient way.

To gauge our performance, we wanted to do the following:

  • Generate more traffic to the website
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Lower the Cost Per Acquisition
  • Lower the Average Cost Per Click


After redesigning and rebuilding the website we did page Page Loading Speed Optimisations & Web Performance Optimizations as well as Search Indexing Optimisations to get better results across all search engines and devices.

After analysing iPlumber’s website data in Google Analytics, Google Ads and Google Search Console, we cross-referenced both paid and organic enquiry statistics and were able to determine the keywords that we knew had delivered quality leads for the business in the past.

Based on the analysis we also determined many search terms that triggered our ads where the intent of the searcher didn’t align with our goals, these we added as negative keywords to prevent our ads showing unnecessarily.

We upgraded the Google Ads account with the new extended ad formats that were consistent with what customers were searching.  The goal here was to show a searcher an ad that mirrored the intent of what they searched in Google.

We also added in the new Google Ads extensions to highlight the benefits of using iPlumber’s services and to drive enquiries.

We optimised the whole Google Ads account to align with Google’s best practices.

We also optimised the website making page loading speed improvements and many small content changes to better align the website content with our goals.

iplumber GSR


From March 2017 to August 2017 we achieved:

  • 94.4% Increase in Trackable Website Conversions* Overall
  • 60% Increase in Trackable Website Conversions* from Google Ads
  • 21.5% Increase in Google Ads Traffic
  • 20.5% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 41.8% Decrease in Average Cost Per Click
  • 47% Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition

* Trackable Website Conversions = contact events tracked through the website (e.g. click to call, click on email, contact form filled out etc).
We cannot track if a customer directly dials a phone number or types an email, so actual conversions likely to be higher.

Conversions vs Cost Per Conversions

Conversions vs Cost Per Conversions

Conversions vs Average Cost Per Click

Conversions vs Average Cost Per Click

Conversions vs Click Through Rate

Conversions vs Click Through Rate

Client Review

WebWizards has worked closely with us over the last 5 years and has fine-tuned our website and Google Ads marketing to be efficient and cost effective.

We can definitely tell when the Google Ads account has run out of money, as the phone and email get very quiet, and when it is topped up, the vast majority of inquiries are interested in specifically what we have to offer as plumbers and gasfitters, so we are very pleased with how our money is being spent, and the constant improvements being made by Scott and the team keep us where we need to be on Google.

We love having Google Ads access we can pause the ads when fully booked and start them again when we need.

If you are thinking of marketing online, don't look past these guys!

Jamin Saes – Director, iPlumber Limited
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